Darren 'Jeter' Magierowski

Darren "Jeter" Magierowski is a Canadian Recording and Mix Engineer, originally from London ON, and currently resides and operates in studio facilities primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.

Some recent notable clients and projects Darren has hand a hand in crafting are: Protest The Hero (Palimpsest - 2020) Alexisonfire (Familiar Drugs - 2019) Three Days Grace (Outsider - 2018), July Talk (Touch - 2017), Harrison Kennedy (This is From Here - 2016), and more recent Northern Rockers 'Midnight Shine' (High Road - 2018)

"I have been fortunate enough to have spent the majority of my career in large format analog based studios, working with artists on real consoles nearly everyday for the last decade. I feel there is a lot that the 'old school', and new age digital realms have to offer. It's been amazing to have worked on both sides of the technical aspect in that regard. I really enjoy figuring out new ways to merge the best of both world together, to gain all positives from either side of the technical and creative process."

Darren has become one of the country's most in demand engineers, and a impressive discography to back it up. His dedication and hard work ethic has helped forge this, and has no plan in slowing down anytime soon.

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